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Unfinished Apparel offers two programs to psychiatric hospitals and units, both with the same goal of eliminating the use of paper scrubs for low-risk patients. 


Unfinished Apparel Donation Program

Our donation program was the foundation of our mission and the first of its kind. The donation program operates on a retail sales structure. Each month, 10% of net proceeds go towards creating and sending hospital-safe, embroidered, and printed items to psychiatric and behavioral health units that are trying to get their patients out of paper scrubs. We understand that not all clinics and hospitals have access to funding, so this is where we like to use our donation program. Because this program runs off of retail sales, we never know how many items we are going to ship out each month, so we try to only partner with units if we know we have the capacity to support them!


Unfinished Apparel Therapeutic Clothing Program

Our Therapeutic Clothing Program is built for units that are transitioning out of paper scrubs or have a high number of patients with no access to clothing. As the mental health crisis develops, many units are working to deinstitutionalize residential treatment and we are proud to be a part of the efforts. This program offers our hospital-safe clothing at a significant discount. We pride ourselves in this program as our clothing is not only much more comfortable and individualized with affirmations and positivity, but because they are reusable, they are much more cost-effective than paper scrubs. 


Since our first hospital partnership in October of 2021, we have been amazed to see our mission grow. We are incredibly proud to have partnered with hospitals and units dedicated to raising the standard of treatment and giving their patients the support they both need and deserve.

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