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Our Mission

What Are Paper Scrubs?
When children are brought into psychiatric hospitals or clinics to receive in-patient treatment, they are often forced to hand over their clothes in exchange for paper scrubs. Paper scrubs are itchy, see-through, and most of all, dehumanizing. While they were originally used for high risk patients in order to protect them, they have now become uniforms for all patients seeking treatment.
What We Do
Unfinished Apparel uses 10% net proceeds to deliver comfortable, safe, casual-wear, embroidered with inspirational and encouraging messages to psychiatric centers. Instead of paper scrubs, children will be handed a warm, cozy crewneck in a size that they feel comfortable in. 
Why We Do It
After listening to the countless reflections on institutional stays, the number one complaint was about the "prison-like" scrubs. Clothing is much more connected to our identity than we realize; for someone to admit they need help, and then be stripped of their belongings often puts them in a worse mental state than they were when they got there.

Unfinished Apparel recognizes the importance and power of clothing, and believes every human should feel like a cozy marshmallow whether they're at home or at a hospital. Each person deserves to be wrapped in comfort and positive intention while they are reminded that their story is unfinished.
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